Yoyo media- A platform innovation and creativity

Yoyo Media- A Platform Innovation And Creativity

Yoyo media- A platform innovation and creativity

Yoyo media- A platform innovation and creativity

There are so many ways of entertaining someone but drama and various programmes become favourite. There are so many popular programmes that people love to enjoy. YOYO media is an Independent Production and Development Company with a variety of innovative, interesting and prestigious projects. It is the brainchild of Jo Hallows. As Head of Drama and Company Shareholder, Jo Hallows took charge of everything. She supervised the planning of the story for Hollyoaks, Brookside, and Grange Hill as well. Jo Hallows helped build and shape the hugely successful Television Series 'Hollyoaks'. As a Head of the Drama Series and Producer, Jo took the series to the top of Channel 4's ratings and the series also won multiple other awards.

About Yoyo media -The contemporary pattern of programmes from Yoyo media comprises of   Television Drama from the children's series 'Whitewater Falls' to, precinct drama 'Doctors at War' to the incredible feature film, 'A President Abroad' to the law series 'Flint vs Flint'. 5 x BAFTA nominated and Award-winning, she is a passionate, creatively driven, and resourceful Director, Producer,  and Showrunner who advances the limits of storytelling and has the imaginative flair to build prosperous brands and stimulate the mind of all the writers she works with. In YOYO media she developed a diversified drama portfolio for both adult and young audiences with the purpose of multi-platform solutions and brand expansion for all projects.

YOYO media works with a team of extremely talented and skilled writers and producers, who give an extensive variety of scripted drama from Feature Films to Television drama that is innovative and appreciated by both children and adults. The company works on unique and interactive approaches.

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